Marketing in the post truth era: Group marketing

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Marketing in the post truth era: Group marketing

Author: Nilufar Sharipova

This book is aimed at businesses — to help marketers rethink marketing in an age when the public has lost trust in conventional messengers. And this age does demand a fundamental rethink of the market...More


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Product description

You have probably heard about fake news and the post-truth era. You have also read about algorithms, big data, and how social media can be used to shape public opinion. The recent discussions around social media and data harvesting will not end soon. But what does it mean for marketing? How to develop the right marketing strategy for your company in the post-truth era? In this book, you will find the answers. The authors propose a novel marketing strategy to win over consumers in the digital, post-truth era by utilizing existing groups within society.

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About author

Nilufar Sharipova

Nilufar Sharipova

Nilufar Sharipova began her marketing career in 1999 in FMCG. She is a former Marketing  Director in Procter & Gamble and a former director in a leading  marketing capability consultancy in London. Today Nilufar Sharipova  consults on business and marketing strategy.

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